15 Problems 90s Kids Had that Kids Today Will Never Experience

Letting The Computer Download A Two Minute Video Overnight

We didn’t have YouTube. On dialup, if you wanted to check out the trailer for Final Fantasy 7, that meant leaving it downloading until morning.

Arguing With Your Siblings Over What To Watch

No video on-demand. If you missed your show, you just plain missed your show.

Turning Your PS1 On Its Side To Get It To Work

The mid-90’s equivalent of blowing into the cartridge.

Walking All The Way To Blockbuster To Watch A New Movie

…and hoping nobody was using the TV when you finally got back home with your video.

Running Out Of Quarters

Home consoles were great, but you had to go to the 7-11 to play against other people. And once you went broke, it was time to go home.

Waiting To Find Out Who Shot Burns!

Smart money was on Mister Smithers. How wrong we were.

The Satanism Panic

Remember when everyone thought your favorite metal artists, video games and movies were all made by satanists? Calm down, Baby Boomers!

Arguing About The OJ Trial

Seems pretty obvious in retrospect. Opinion was actually split while the trial was ongoing.

Needing A Parent To Get Into The Crow

Back when they still made R-Rated movies. The downside is you needed a parent, or you had to sneak in to see the movie you really wanted to see.

Watching Beavis & Butthead With The Sound Really Low

You know, to make sure you didn’t wake your parents.

Accepting That There’d Never Be A Terminator 3

And then there was, and you regretted wishing for it.

Getting Used To Spongebob

He wasn’t immediately a big hit with the Doug/Rugrats/Ren & Stimpy fans.

Losing Every Single One Of Your Favorite Artists

After Cobain, Biggie and Tupac, it got to where you didn’t want to get attached to any new musicians.

Settling For Cracked

Back when MAD was big and Cracked was its ugly stepbrother. Sometimes you had to settle for the next best thing.

Saying Goodbye To Calvin & Hobbes

A lot of us just stopped reading the funny pages altogether when Watterson retired.

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