15 Things Only People Who Were Teens in the 90s Really Understand

Building A Tin Foil Antenna to Watch Letterman

Back when we still had broadcast television. If you had a small TV in your bedroom with no cable hookup, this was the only way.

Cool Franchises Turning Lame

Early-90’s Ninja Turtles? Awesome. Mid-90’s Ninja Turtles? Um…

Bobbing Your Head to the Dialup Theme

It was kind of a sick beat. Sort of proto-dubstep.

Looking Forward to Drinking Zima When You Grew Up

No such luck. The brand went out of business before most of us were drinking age.

Billy Corgan, Before… You Know

Man who was cooler than Billy Corgan in the 90’s? And who’s kookier than Billy Corgan in the 2010’s?

Watching Homerpalooza in Retrospect

You know that episode where Bart and Lisa can’t be bothered to listen to Homer’s favorite bands because they prefer 90’s music? That’s a weird one to watch as a 30-something Gen-Xer whose kids don’t care about your 90’s music.

When the Home Version Sucked

If you were a Super Nintendo player… Mortal Kombat’s “sweat” just wasn’t the same.

Losing Your Mind Over The New Twin Peaks

New Twin Peaks! And Trent Reznor’s in it!

Spending 500 Hours Mastering Metal Gear Solid

Memorable quotes? “!”

Waiting For Your Favorite Music Videos To Come On TV

People complain that MTV doesn’t play videos anymore. Yeah, but you got Youtube, so stop whining! Speaking of…

Waiting All Year For Your Favorite Movies

Love Michael Myers and Friday the 13th? Better be patient, because they don’t play those until October.

Coming Up With A Cool Username

Back before we all used our own names on Facebook. We had some cool email handles.

Being Blown Away By Camcorders Only As Big As A Brick

Yes. This was state of the art.

…And Cellphones As Small As A Textbook

No. It didn’t have any games on it.

Looking Forward To Batman & Robin

Yep. It was a more innocent time.

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