The Top 10 Most Valuable Pokemon Cards

Before PokemonGO, Pokemon Stadium, and every other electronic version of Pokemon, there was the original. Pokemon cards. You’d battle at recess, and there was always that one kid who carried around a binder full of Pokemon cards – glad to let others look, but they were never to be touched. Turns out, that binder full of cards could be worth a lot – and so could some of your old cards. Here are 10 of the most valuable Pokemon cards out there right now.

10. Pokemon Full Art EX Cards — $26 to $37 a card

Not all of these Full Art EX cards are all that valuable. However, there are some particular cards left in this set which are now quite rare such as the Mew EX card or the Lugia EX card, and these now sell at the rate of $26.

Furthermore, the Diox EX card can be sold for more than $37.

#9.  Charizard First Edition — $300 to $700 a card

The first edition Charizard card was launched as a promo card back in 1998 for a campaign known as “Trade Please”.

A first edition grade 9 or higher card may seem for $300, and if it’s in mint quality then it may even sell for as high as $700.

#8.  Holofoils First Edition — $8,496 a set

These are decades old cards that were released in Japan, with both Japanese and English versions available.

The most valuable and rare in the Holofoil series are the generation I cards. Recently a complete set of Holofoil Series I cards were auctioned off at $8,496.

#7.  Crystal Cards — $9,875 a set

The Crystal Cards are based on the set of Crystal Pokemon which come with their own unique features and evolutions, and getting into the changes that they can go through is quite complicated to explain.

However, these are rare and valuable, and an entire set has been auctioned off at $9,875.

#6.  Japanese L-P Promo Cards — $10,000 a card/ $84,788 a set

These were brought into circulation after the release of the popular Pokemon game — LEGEND. These were also issued in Japan and only 69 of them were produced.

The Master Key is the most valuable of the lot and only 34 of them remain in existence now. A complete set was recently auctioned off at $84,788.

#5.  Pre-Release Raichu Cards — $10,000 a card

This is the evolved form of the most popular Pokemon character, that is, Pikachu. However, only 10 to 15 of these cards from this particular set still remain in the world and that puts its valuation at $10,000 per card.

However, only 10 to 15 of these cards from this particular set still remain in the world and that puts its valuation at $10,000 per card.

#4.  Japanese Parent/Child Mega Battle Cards — $10,000 a card

The Parent/Child Mega Battle, more popularly known as the Kangaskhan, was a legit PokemonTournament which was held in Japan in 1998. These were supposed to be played in teams of parents and their children competing against other family units.

The prize for winning games was a couple of rare promotional cards. There were just enough made to be given out as prizes, and so they are extremely rare Pokemon cards due to the scant numbers and fascinating history. Each card can be sold at $10,000.

#3.  Tropical Mega Battle 2001 — $10,000 a card

Breaking the trend of all the valuable cards being produced by Japan, these were made in Hawaii for a particular occasion.

However, only 12 of these were made, which makes them extremely hard to track down. They can be sold for anything between $5,000 to $10,000.

#2.  Pokemon Snap Cards — $15,989 a card

Released in 1999 solely for Nintendo 64, Pokemon Snap was a popular Pokemon video game which birthed the Pokemon Snap Cards. The origin for these cards is quite fascinating. A Japanese magazine by the name of CoroCoro Comic asked people to send them snapshots of their Pokemon Snap gameplay, and the best of these were eventually compiled to illustrate the Pokemon Snap Cards.

The exact numbers still left in the world is unknown, however, this back story, along with its uncertain rarity makes it extremely valuable and each card can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars, though the highest to date has been $15,989.

#1.  Pikachu Illustrator Cards — $100,000 a card

Called the “Holy Grail of Pokémon”, these cards were originally released in 1998 in Japan. These are the rarest of Pokemon card owing to the fact that only 5 of them remain in existence. And they do not have an English version.

These are so valuable that even a card in non-mint condition would still sell for $50,000.  Also for this card, the top reads as Illustrator and not trainer.

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